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Script Development Fund

2013 Script Development Fund

LIST The Internship
Category Korean Project
Project The Internship
Director KIM Geon
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim Geon graduated from Korean National University of Arts with film major and worked in production crew for Welcome To Dongmakgol and Secret Love. His short film Pig and Shakespeare won the best short film at Korea Film Award and he is currently working on a scenario for feature film.
A rookie lawyer finds out that his client committed a crime, but has not been indicted yet. The lawyer’s supervisor tells him to look the other way and ignore his client’s crime. He starts to learn the rules of the game. One evening the client’s girlfriend comes over and confesses of the client’s affairs with other woman. While they are having the conversation the client shows up. The girlfriend dies in the presence of the lawyer and client. Now under a new police investigation, they stand on the opposite side pointing fingers at each other as murderer.
Director's Note
Unlike United States, the Korean trial system goes through the written hearing system. Rather than relying on verbal statements, the defendant and the plaintiff present documents to a judge. When it comes to courtroom movies, people mostly think of arguments in court, but it rarely happens in Korean courtroom, because there is no jury. If that’s the system, how do judges rule a case? What kind of responsibility do they have? Even though how much historical researches were found, it will not be looked as real. However, if I fabricate a case that looks real knowing that it will never be possible, It will be enjoyable for watching. Moreover, If the story was fascinating, It would be better.
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