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2018 Script Development Fund

LIST The Palace
Category Asian Project
Project The Palace
Director Anil Ranjan BARAL
Country Nepal
Director's Profile From Nepal, Baral has lived around the world before completing a Film & Television degree at New York University. He is producing The Rosenbergs, which was recently financed and stars Elisabeth Moss. As a writer, he has been awarded the Tribeca Institute & Sloan Foundation Screenplay Grant, was a winner of the Athena List, highlighting projects with strong female roles, and won a New York Foundation for the Arts Screenplay Grant about the Gurkha soldiers of Nepal. Prior to starting Fictitious Features, Baral worked as the Director of Development for the writer/director, Kimberly Peirce, under a deal with DreamWorks.
Failing at the Western Dream, a family returns to Nepal where they take care of a Himalayan Palace. When the son sits on an ancient boy’s throne, he’s possessed. Believing he’s the crown prince, he terrorizes his family with horrible consequences.
Director's Note
I am interested in how people romanticize about what it means to be royalty, especially the dark side of that reality. There is danger in assuming that the rich and the powerful all have it better. In the horror genre, our needs always get us into trouble. When the protagonists in this movie play their roles and dress up in the royal outfits of past generations - having a fancy dinner party and opening that forbidden bottle of wine ? they have stepped over the line, unleashing forces they cannot control. To me, the theme of this piece is about how each character in the story has the need to feel or be treated special, how this need is taken to an extreme level so much that it can become twisted.
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