ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

2008 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST A Five-way Crossing
Category UniKorea Fund
Project A Five-way Crossing
Director HAN Bum Seung
Country Korea
Director's Profile HAN studied at Hankyeoreh Video Academy and made videos as a member of the programming team of Seoul International Labor Film & Video Festival. Documentaries directed by him such as [Feb. 4, The Day the inhabitants of Buan Become Proprietary] and [The Yellow Camera] were screened at various Human Rights Film Festivals and the Labor Film Festival in Korea.
The name of Garibong-dong was changed to Cheomdan-dong on Aug. 22, 2007. This strange new name was chosen through public subscription held by the local government to break away from the image of the City in the Gray. Garibong-dong, which once willingly accepted that image for the modernization of the fatherland, is now to greet a brand new image of high technology and trends. The birthplace of the Korean labor movement, the erratic place for runaway boys and girls, and the place of the Korean Dream for immigrant labors. I am tracing Garibong-dong both in my memory and in the mood of change.
Director's Note
In many people’s memory, Garibong-dong is the birthplace of the Korean labor movement. There was a slum in Garibong-dong, a so called beehive, a sleeping place for young factory girls in 70~80’s, then an erratic place for runaway boys and girls in 90’s, and then as a place where immigrant laborers settled into after the year 2000. That Garibong-dong will soon disappear: the name of Garibong Station will be changed to Gasan Digital Complex Station, and Garibong-dong to Cheomdan (means ‘up-to-date’)-dong, giving up its old image of labor intensive industries. I will sketch this place along with my memory.
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