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2009 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Beautiful Islands
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project Beautiful Islands
Director KANA Tomoko
Country Japan
Director's Profile Kana is from Tokyo, Japan. She started her career as a news producer at NHK Japan. In 2001, she directed the documentary Mardiyem about the sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial army. Her second documentary [From the Land of Bitter Tears] (2004) won the Japan Journalist Congress award.
What′s common among Tubalu in the South Pacific, Venice, Italy, and Shishmaref, Alaska? This film displays the normal days of the three islands vividly: the laid back life style of the Tuvaluans, life on the water in artistic Venice, and a hunter′s life on the icy ocean around Shishmaref. The film offers mind-blowing pictures of the footprints of their lives. Following their lives through the camera leads to us to the predicament that Earth is in.
This film never shows anything directly or coercively, and there is no narration or subtitles. The camera mainly captures the everyday lives of three different beautiful islands so calmly that it reminds one of a nature documentary. Beautiful images engage viewers to ′feel′ those islands that are about to disappear. Also, it inscribes the issue of global warming upon one′s heart. By depicting people′s lives, it effectively shows how serious of an impact the changing climate will have upon us.
Director's Note
2009 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
Still Cut