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2009 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Are We Really So Far from a Madhouse?
Category PUFS Fund
Project Are We Really So Far from a Madhouse?
Director LI Hongqi
Country China
Director's Profile Li Hongqi is a poet and novelist. He was born in Shandong Province, China in 1976, and graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. His first feature [So Much Rice] (2005) won the NETPAC award at the Locarno International Film Festival and 10th Pusan International Festival critic’s choice section. His second feature [Routine Holiday] (2008) was nominated for the FIPRESCI Critics Award at the 52nd London Film Festival and at the 13th Pusan International Festival New Currents section.
Heroes in this movie are musicians from a band called P.K.14. The band is one of the best rock bands in China. Main materials in this movie were shot during P.K.14′s Chinese tour in 2008. In this movie, I try to use a new documentary style. I will give a whole renew dub sound (even dialogue and surround sound), based on the original materials, and use storyteller-driven scenario to narrate a story with precise structure, yet have odd content and deep thoughts. The story is about five people who are good friends. One morning they woke up to find they are insane -- the familiar world and they suddenly became strange and unconformable. They fell into a deep loss. So they decided to go on the road and tried to find out if there were people who were as same as them, and seek the truth hidden behind the world. But no matter how far they went, their communication with other people became more difficult, and they felt even more confused to themselves and the world which they had been living in.
Director's Note
I believe there is a god. But the god is not the one who is defined by any religions. I′d rather believe that our body, senses, intelligence, and the world around us, are a disordered and intellective problem. So far, all the conclusions are useless. We′d better start anew to learn the ability of facing loss. And then maybe we can find out a real answer.
2011 Hong Kong International Film Festival - Indie Power
2011 Cinema du Reel International Documentary Film Festival
2011 Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival - CINDI Extreme
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