Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Waiting for Herzog
Category DongSeo Asia Fund
Project Waiting for Herzog
Director Shaan KHATTAU
Country India
Director's Profile Shaan KHATTAU’s first film, "The Dark I Must Not Name" was screened at numerous international film festivals. She has been involved with several local and international documentary productions, feature and TV projects as creative associative and producer. She is currently working on her second film.
A group of eccentric old men remain cocooned in a sleepy Cafe obsessed with Cinema through which they escape from the rapidly changing world outside. But the Cafe, unable to cope with the changing economies of the city closes down and the men are forced to confront the world outside. In the midst of all this, they try to invite Werner Herzog - a loved and hated filmmaker by the group to the Cafe. The city’s two different worlds collide and the madness cues the city in transition.
Director's Note
The objective of this project is to explore in a personal way that is neither didactic nor judgmental what I consider to be one of the most significant moments of most of our lives - the moment of “Global Transition”. I think just as “modernism” through which many nations such as India fought for her Independence experienced a “shift” in her way of being, similarly my generation is part of this new “shift”. Things are moving so rapidly, we are scarcely aware of it and our Cinema is so commercially driven due to Bollywood and on the other hand we have Documentary Cinema in India which is largely “Political”. I therefore feel a very strong need to explore and capture on film in a humorous, poignant, poetic way this moment of change and transition in the city of Bombay, the city where I live.
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