Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project First Love – 1989, Memory of Sumida
Category UniKorea Fund
Project First Love – 1989, Memory of Sumida
Director PARK Jeong Suk
Country Korea
Director's Profile PARK Jeong Suk began her career as a filmmaker in the Labor News Production in 1994. She created DOCU Heemang, a documentary provider group in 1996 and produced documentaries about labor, history and life of women including Salt-Korean Railway Women Workers Story (2003) and Camellia Lady (2006).
First Love – 1989, Memory of Sumida tells about the female workers’ struggle against Sumida Electronics Company two decades ago and also about their powerful energy and passion for life. Sumida Electronics Company was a Japanese company located in the Masan Free Export Zone. In 1989, Sumida wanted to relocate the factories to Southeast Asia and notified the news of factory’s shutting down and the dismissal of all employees via fax. Outraged by the factory-closing tactics, four union leaders visited the parent company in Japan to publicize the immorality and irresponsibility of the company. They staged public demonstrations and many Japanese supported these protesting workers. And twenty years passed since then. These four workers were up to their neck in work so that they hardly kept in touch with. How are they doing now?
Director's Note
Everyone has their own unforgettable memories. Some of them are really strong enough to shake someone’s life. Twenty years ago, many Japanese joined four Korean female workers’ fight against Sumida Electronics Company. They said these women encouraged them and gave power to live on. I hope this film will help you to get your passion and energy back like I was empowered while shooting the film.
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