Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2014 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Weaving
Category Busan Bank Fund
Project Weaving
Director WANG Yang
Country China
Director's Profile Wang Yang is a social/political documentary filmmaker from Xi’an, China. He has directed three independent feature documentaries, focusing on social changes in China from the younger generation’s perspective. Wang Yang is also the co-founder and editor of Youth Film Handbook, which is an established Chinese language film criticism magazine, now in its 4th edition. His previous documentary (2011) was selected at international documentary film festivals such as Leipzig, DMZ, and ZagrebDox.
is an intimate study of family values during China's rapid social change. The film takes place in an old textile district in Xi'an, where a massive housing demolition is about to affect everyone's lives. Xiang is a retired textile worker and she takes charge of her family matters. She hopes to help the most vulnerable in the family with compensation from the demolition of her house, but her daughter-in-law has her own stories to tell. Family relationships seem to suffer, as Xiang struggles to balance everyone’s needs. In the neighboring block, Zhang and his wife struggle with the daily chores as their health deteriorates. The old couple is distant from their five children because of past family conflicts. Now faced with relocation, Zhang hopes to get the family together again and to be looked after. Could it be a chance for them to rebuild their fractured family? As China rushes towards prosperity, individuals and families will have to re-examine their relationships once again. Through these events and intimate conversations, we are able to get a closer look inside China's changing family dynamics, and dig deeper into an increasingly materialistic and complex society.
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