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Project Cold Bloom
Category Asian Project
Project Cold Bloom
Director FUNAHASHI Atsushi
Country Japan
Director's Profile Atsuchi FUNAHASHI was born on 12 September 1974 in Osaka, Japan. He studied Film Studies at the University of Tokyo before moving to New York and gaining a degree in Film Direction from the School of Visual Arts. He not only makes films, but also writes articles for several Japanese film and arts magazines. His first feature film ECHOES (2001) was followed by BIG RIVER (2005), which was shown in the New Currents section in Busan International Film Festival and Forum in Berlin Film Festival. FUNAHASHI returned to Tokyo in 2007 and he made two more films DEEP IN THE VALLEY (2009), and NUCLEAR NATION (2012). Both films premiered in Forum in Berlin.
A small pressing factory in Hitachi City, a local industrial town, is just beginning to recover from 3.11 Tsunami disaster. Shiori, together with her co-workers and her husband, Kenji, live a happy life fulfilled with bright hope. One day, Shiori receives a call of Kenji’s accidental death from Kitami factory. The accident was caused by Takumi, a former Kenji’s subordinate. Despite Takumi’s effort to atone, Shiori detests Takumi. She is tormented by the sudden loneliness. As time goes by, Shiori finds out that Takumi is not entirely responsible for the accident and begins to gradually open ups to Takumi. The factory was once in financial difficulties, but regains vigor due to Takumi’s effort. Both hesitant to admit their attraction for each other, Takumi finally confesses his love towards Shiori. This is a story of a young woman, who forgives a man whom she once hated, and overcomes the past.
Director's Note
Depicting in a painful reality of the loneliness, a woman faces sudden loss of her most beloved. She is burden to carry this tragic past, but gradually opens up to others. Now rich at heart, she becomes capable of taking a new step forward. This film portrays the trajectory of the woman's emotion, which provokes a difficult question on how cruel and/or generous humans can be.
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