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LIST Moonlit Winter
Category Korean Project
Project Moonlit Winter
Director Lim Dae-hyung
Country Korea
Director's Profile Director Lim Daehyung, originally from Keumsan, moved to Seoul to study filmmaking and received a B.A. degree in Film from Hanyang University. His remarkable first feature Merry Christmas Mr. Mo (2016) won the NETPAC Award at 21st Busan International Film Festival and was invited to numerous festivals including 52th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He is also the winner of the Special Jury Award of Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival and Best Short Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival.
Saebom (18), a high school student, lives with her mother Yunhee (41) who recently divorced. One day, Saebom finds a mysterious love letter sent to Yunhee. It′s from Hokkaido, Japan, and it makes Saebom wonder about the past of Yunhee she does not know. Finally, Saebom is able to convince Yunhee to visit Hokkaido with her to find the sender since she thinks it would be an opportunity to get to know Yunhee better and also Yunhee would be able to overcome her depression through this trip.
Director's Note
I want to raise a question of the stereotyped mother′s role which has been repeated to us again and again. Should the mother figure always be a form of devotion to the fathers, the husbands, and the sons? Is that really what it is? Of course not. In Moonlit Winter, I want to portray a life of a woman who is not only a mother but also herself who has her own personality and taste. Also, I want to talk about the various forms of love. I wish that Moonlit Winter will be a successful trial of mine contributing to the efforts to destroy those stereotypes which this world should have thrown away, but have not yet.
2019 Busan International Film Festival - Closing Film
2019 Released in Korea
2020 Hong Kong International Film Festival
2020 CinemAsia Film Festival
2020 Prague International Film Festival
2020 Wildflower Film Awards - Best Producer
2020 Dae Jong Film Awards
2020 Chunsa Film Arts Awards
2020 Baeksang Arts Awards
2020 Buil Film Awards
2020 Florence Korean Film Festival - Critics Award
2020 Festival du Film Coreen a Paris
2020 Korean Association of Film Critics Award - Best Director, Best Screenplay
2020 Busan Film Critics Awards - Best New Actress
2021 Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Director, Best Screenplay
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