ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Funding Programs

Script Development Fund
The Script Development Fund provides cash grant to talented Asian independent filmmakers to complete their first or second feature-length fiction film scripts that are in development.

The fund also supports at least one project by a graduate of Busan International Film Festival's Asian Film Academy (AFA).

The selected projects of this fund each receive 10 million Korean won.

Script Development Fund has accepted Asian project except Korean since 2015. ACF will try to launch a new program for Korean projects adjusting production environment in Korea in near future.

*This Fund is supported by Korean Film Council Korean Motion Picture Fund.

Post-Production Fund
The Post-Production Fund provides post-production services to a select number of Asian independent feature-length fiction film projects. At the state-of-the-art facilities in Korea, the selected projects receive the following to complete their films: DI, sound mixing, English subtitle spotting and D-Cinema packaging services. Upon completion, the selected projects are required to make their world premieres at Busan International Film Festival where they find opportunities to continue their travel to the rest of the world and gain further recognition for their artistic and promising talents in filmmaking.

*This Fund is supported by Korean Film Council Korean Motion Picture Fund, Songwol Towel and Rising Films International Co., Ltd..

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund
Asian Cinema Fund’s Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund provides funding to Asian independent documentary filmmakers to complete their feature-length documentary film projects that are aimed for theatrical release.

The Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund is a loose coalition of film festival organizers committed to supporting the production and distribution of Asian documentaries. Its members have collaborated to build and strengthen the network among Asian documentary filmmakers, while BIFF’s been managed the administration and oversight of AND.
As of 2022, ACF makes efforts to AND expands opportunity of collaboration and seeks new distribution networks for documentary films.

*This Fund is supported by Korean Film Council Korean Motion Picture Fund, Haein Shipping Co., Ltd., J.Solution and Good Gang-an Hospital.