ACF Asian Cinema Fund

AND Programs

Program Details

AND Talk & Share

Fund recipients will each present their projects and share the development of one’s project, seek ideas or solutions to any difficulties the project is having, and exchange useful information about documentary filmmaking in one’s country.

AND Clinic

Fund recipients will have the opportunity to consult one-on-one with mentors who can provide useful advices specific to each project’s needs in terms of creativity and market potential

AND Workshop – “US Grants for Documentary Filmmakers

This 90-minute interactive workshop will guide participants through the process of finding grant opportunities for Asian filmmakers in the US.

Closing Event & Party

AND Fund recipients will receive their fund certificates and will be eligible to become winners of additional fund support. A casual dinner party will follow.


· DATES : October 6-9, 2018

· VENUE : Seminar Room & ACF Zone & Event Room, Hall 4F, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO

10/6 10:00-15:30 Talk & Share Seminar Room
10/7 10:30-13:00 AND Clinic ACF Zone
10/8 13:30-16:00 AND Clinic ACF Zone
16:30-18:00 AND Workshop Seminar Room
10/9 16:30-18:00 Closing Event Event Room
18:30-20:00 *Party *TBA

* ACF newly opens the ACF Zone at the Asian Film Market offering seven private meeting booths and a lounge area.