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2007 Script Development Fund

LIST Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells
Category Busan/Korean Project
Project Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells
Director JEON Sooil
Country Korea
Director's Profile JEON Soo-il has made four feature films; "The Bird Who Stops in the Air" (1999), "My Right to Ravage Myself" (2003), "Time between Dog and Wolf" (2005), "Girl of the Dark Soil" (2007). His latest film "Girl of the Dark Soil" was invited to this year’s Venice International Film Festival and his previous films also have been screened at Cannes Film Festival and Pusan International Film Festival.
The vice chairman of the Korea’s oldest atomic plant, Joon-Gyu, lives apart from his family. One day Joon-Gyu finds out that he has cancer and in the same evening he sees in the news an illegal worker from Nepal, Shaam, had committed suicide. Joon-Gyu volunteers to deliver the news to Shaam’s family in person even though he has no relations to the deceased. Shaam’s family welcomes Joon-Gyu without knowing why he is there, and Joon-Gyu can not deliver the sad news to Shaam’s family. Joon-Gyu stays with Shaam’s family and he grows close to Shaam’s younger sister. The
family finds the Shaam’s ashes from JoonGyu’s bag and Joon-Gyu is asked to leave the town. However, he cannot leave…
Director's Note
2008 Busan International Film Festival Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
2009 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Official Selection Competition
2010 Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival - Best Director
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