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2008 Script Development Fund

LIST Daybreak
Category Korean Project
Project Daybreak
Director CHO Kyu Jang
Country Korea
Director's Profile After graduation from Seoul National University with a major in Anthropology, he studied in the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at Korea National University of Arts. He directed [Bongsoo](2007) which was selected at the 8th Jeonju International Film Festival, in the Critic’s week section. His first feature film, [A Camel Doesn’t Leave Desert] (2008) was shown in Korea as the closing film of Indie Forum 2008.
Preparing for the civil service examination, Kwang-ho dreams of writing off his heavy debts and moving away from this village on the outskirts as quickly as possible. However, he still cannot leave due to his complicated relations with his old friends with whom he is involved in various troublesome affairs. One day, Kwang-ho leaves home and is unexpectedly dragged into a group of bikers while he driving his motorcycle, resulting in his finally being arrested by the police.
Director's Note
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