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2019 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Speed of Happiness
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project Speed of Happiness
Director PARK Hyuckjee
Country Korea
Director's Profile Hyuckjee Park started directing since 1997 and has mostly directed documentaries. He shoots and writes by himself about ‘Human’. With or Without You was released in cinemas in 2015 and has been invited to the international competition section of the 58th edition of DOK Leipzig.
Igarashi and Ishitaka are the Bokka who deliver the supplies to mountain cabins in Oze National Park, Japan. Here, Igarashi is trying to adapt to nature while Ishitaka is dreaming for the future by establishing the business ‘Japanese Young Bokka Team’. When winter begins, Igarashi works at the brewery during the day. Ishitaka leaves the village and promotes the Bokka work in the big cities. When spring arrives, Ishitaka feels something is wrong with his health and often skips work. Then finally, he decides to go to his hometown, Osaka.
Director's Note
We all want to be happy. However, most people would not use the word ‘happiness’ for the values that can be easily obtained. There are people who deliver supplies to mountain cabins in Oze National Park, Japan. They are called ′Bokka.′ I reevaluated ‘happiness’ as I was looking at their silent footsteps walking over 20km round trip, holding more than 80kg of gravity. That’s how I started to work on Speed of Happiness; watching them find happiness in their everyday lives while far from modern conveniences.
2020 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
2022 EBS International Documentary Festival - Korean Docs Panorama
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