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LIST Blanka
Category Biennale College - Cinema Project
Project Blanka
Director HASEI Kohki
Country Japan, Philippines, Italy
Director's Profile In 1994, after finishing high school in Okayama, Hasei moved to Tokyo where he started working in the world of art. In 2001, he realized his first documentary: W/O. The film screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Austrian Viennale and New York "Moma" Festival and at The Seoul Net Festival in Korea where it was awarded with the Digital Express Prize. In 2007, he directed his second film, Godog, in a dump site in Manila where he spent several weeks. The short movie earned First Prize at the Kustendolf International Film Festival (2009) in Serbia.
Blanka is a street kid in Manila who makes her living from petty theft and cons. She dreams of saving enough money that will allow her to “buy” a mom. When she meets a talented Peter, a blind musician, her life takes an unexpected direction. They decide to join forces in order to face life on the street. Peter allows Blanka to learn how to be a talented singer and understand that money cannot buy love.
Director's Note
Does the idea of buying a mother with money exist in modern society? You never see such a phenomenon in developed countries, rich countries, or in a city like Manila, where the story takes place. Child Adoption and slavery exist in the world. I believe that child adoption and slavery derive from socio-economic circumstances. But the perspective of a child is never considered. Is child adoption and slavery something born from the strain of society and viewed from the one-sided point of view of an adult? The concept of this movie developed from innate concerns I have always had.
2015 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
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