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Announcing the 14 Selections for the 2023 Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)! 2023-07-10

寃뚯떆뙋 긽꽭蹂닿린
49% Increase in Submissions from Last Year,

Record-High Numbers in ACF History!

14 Projects Showcasing Diversified Genres


ACF is a representative support program of Busan International Film Festival that discovers projects by talented Asian filmmakers and provides systematic support from script development to post-production, enabling them to complete their projects.


This year, a total of 774 projects were submitted to the various ACF support funds. An approximate 49% increase in total number from the previous year, each fund received a record-high number of submissions. This served as a confirmation of ACF셲 status and value in Korean and Asian film industry.


The 14 fund recipients, consisting of 3 Script Development Fund projects, 4 Post-Production Fund projects, and 7 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund projects, were chosen through a more precise and meticulous screening process than ever before, in line with the increased scale of submissions. This year셲 selections are garnering expectations with projects from Southeast Asia and South Asia that show various interpretations of genre, as well as Korean projects that portray the latest trends in independent films.


Script Development Fund (3 Asian Projects)

*In Alphabetical Order (Title)



Production Country

Chronicles of a Confession

Prateek VATS



To Kill a Mongolian Horse

JIANG Xiaoxuan


Where the Rivers Run South



 * 2022 CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy Alumni


The Script Development Fund, which funds projects from Asia that are in the planning and development stage, received a total of 398 submissions, an approximate increase of 130 projects from last year. Amongst the submissions, 3 projects that provide a screenplay with the greatest potential will receive a cash grant of 10 million KRW for script development and be invited to the 2023 Asian Project Market as an official project with the opportunity of business meetings with industry officials.


Chronicles of a Confession, a black comedy about an individual that confronts the unjust reality, and To Kill a Mongolian Horse, the first feature project by director Jiang Xiaoxuan, who received the NETPAC Award at the 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival with the short film, Graveyard of Horses, were selected to receive the fund. In addition, the 2022 CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy alumni, director Suraj Paudel, received the judges even support with the film Where the Rivers Run South, which showed the social issues faced in Nepal through diverse angles and captured an in-depth narrative. 


Post-Production Fund (2 Korean Projects, 2 Asian Projects)


*In Alphabetical Order (Title)




Production Country

Concerning My Daughter
LEE Mirang
Work to Do
PARK Hongjun
Solids by the Seashore

 The Spark

Rajesh S. JALA


The Post-Production Fund selected two Korean and Asian projects each from the submission pool of 71 projects. The 4 projects, which will receive post-production funding, will make their world premieres at this year셲 Busan International Film Festival.


Director Lee Mirang셲 Concerning My Daughter with its thoughtful perspective and delicate directorial, and director Park Hongjun셲 Lay Off (Working Title), a drama that efficiently incorporates social messages into the storytelling, were selected with high scores. Also, with a high proportion of Southeast Asian and South Asian projects in the Asian project submissions pool, as with last year, this year셲 submissions included a large number of well-made genre films, showing a further diversified trend in submissions.


Amongst the submissions, Solids by the Seashore, which immerses the audience with its colorful pictures and curiosity-invoking composition, and The Spark by veteran director Rajesh S. Jala, which delivered its stable storytelling while maintaining tension throughout the film, were selected as the Post-Production Fund recipients.

Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund (4 Korean Projects, 3 Asian Projects)

 *In Alphabetical Order (Title)




Production Country

 LEE Ilha 
JO Seyoung

Life in the Shadows 

K. D.

Afghanistan / Germany 

Plaster Cast Drawing

WON Taewoon


Returning Figures

KIM Mooyoung


A Thousand Winds 

MOK Kwan Ling

 Hong Kong, China


WU Fan

Taiwan / Korea / Philippines

The Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund, which supports feature length documentaries, will provide funding to 7 unprecedented projects.


Korean projects selected for the AND Fund include Plaster Cast Drawing by Won Taewoong, who is opening a new horizon for documentaries with their precise and delicate directing, K-Number by Jo Seyoung, who teases the boundary of commercial documentary and independent documentaries and raises expectations for new trends, Being a Politician for Dummies by Lee Ilha, characteristically portraying two young adults and their political trials, and Returning Figures by Kim Mooyoung, raising issues in Korean politics through a montage of anti-communist films. The four projects are expected to imprint a new impression and reflection on the genre of documentaries.


In addition, 3 Asian projects that shed light on social issues were selected to receive the fund. Director Fan Wu셲 XiXi, which puts forth a charismatic character to ponder the topic of life, values, and human relationships, Life in the Shadows with its considerate approach to portraying Afghanistan refugees, and director Mok Kwan Ling셲 A Thousand Winds with its in-depth depiction of democratization in Hong Kong. The 7 fund recipient projects will be presented with a maximum cash grant of 20 million KRW, as well as an official invitation to Asian Contents & Film Market, which will provide networking opportunities with industry professionals.


The 28th Busan International Film Festival, which is garnering much expectation with the announcement of its 14 selections for ACF 2023, will be held for 10 days from Oct 4 (Wed) to Oct 13 (Fri) around Busan Cinema Center, and the 18th Asian Contents & Film Market for 4 days from Oct 7 (Sat) to Oct 10 (Tues) at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO).


뼚 The 28th Busan International Film Festival : Oct 4 (Wed) Oct 13 (Fri)

뼚 The 18th Asian Contents & Film Market : Oct 7 (Sat) Oct 10 (Tues) 

뼚 The 26th Asia Project Market : Oct 7 (Sat) Oct 10 (Tues) 뗢


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