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2007 Script Development Fund

LIST Goblin
Category Korean Project
Project Goblin
Director YANG Hae-Hoon
Country Korea
Director's Profile In 2003, YANG Hea-hoon directed his first short film "Wind" and it was selected at Indie-forum in 2005 and won the top prize at the 1st Seoul Environmental Film Festival. He has made several short films thereafter and in 2007 he directed "My Dear Rosetta", which was in competition for short film section at Cannes Film Festival. He also directed his first feature "Who’s That Knocking at My Door?" and the film was awarded with CGV Distribution Support Prize at 2007 Jeonju International film festival.
A private money lender, Jang-Hee, was on her way to collect a debt from Mr. Min and encounters a goblin. Jang-Hee plans to use the goblin for her next scam. The scam does not go as planned, and rather she starts to develop feelings for the goblin. Mr. Ryu, Jang-Hee’s ex-husband tries to come between them. Can Jang-Hee and the goblin fall in love?
Director's Note
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