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Script Development Fund

2008 Script Development Fund

LIST The Reason
Category korea
Project The Reason
Director MIN Yong Keun
Country korea
Director's Profile Born in 1976, he studied Theater and Cinema at Hanyang University, and has directed several short films. He was invited to the first edition of the Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF) with his first short film, [The Weekend](1996), and to the 11th PIFF with his recent film, [The Little Thief](2006) which went on to be selected for various film festivals including the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, and the Sapporo International Film Festival where it won the Best Director Award.
Jun-yeol loses his wife because of a mistake he himself makes, and ends up attempting suicide. In that moment, a phone call by a wrong number saves his life, and the next day, he hears from the police that the guy who called him died. He goes to the guy’s home and encounters Baek Jong-pil whose phone number is similar to his, and Jun-yeol begins to chase Baek. Meanwhile, Sun-keum applies to be a surrogate mother but one day the broker demands she have an abortion unexpectedly. While running away to escape from the abortion forced by the broker, Baek Jong-pil, she is able to hide herself thanks to Tae-jung’s help. Jun-yeol and Sun-keum step out together to look for Baek who is implicated in all the problems and has the keys to solve them.
Director's Note
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