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2008 Script Development Fund

LIST Woman on Fire Looks for Water
Category Asian Project
Project Woman on Fire Looks for Water
Director WOO Ming Jin
Country Malaysia
Director's Profile Born in Malaysia, 1976. Ming Jin WOO received a scholarship from San Diego State University to study film and television production in 1999. Since returning to Malaysia, he has worked on independent films, including being the director of photography for Amir Muhammad′s [The Big Durian]. He has also made a short film, [Love for Dogs], which was screened at Rotterdam International film Festival 2005. His debut feature film [Monday Morning Glory] was invited to the Pusan International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival (Forum section), and Locarno International Film Festival. His second feature, The Elephant and the Sea, has won several awards and been selected to screen in more than 15 film festivals world wide, including the Rotterdam, Vancouver, and Karlovy Vary Film Festival.
Ah Fei wholesales and sells frogs in the local market, while his father Ah Kau is a cockleshell fisherman. Ah Fei has been in love with Lily for many years, his former classmate. She likes him but has another boyfriend and is torn between the two. Ah Kau is dying. In his last days he starts giving money and things back to his friends and others. He finally visits an old lover, Ai Ling, whom he confesses he should′ve married instead of his wife. He wants to take Ai Ling away now, but she refuses. [Woman on Fire Looks for Water] follows the two characters as one of them faces death, while the other is only becoming a man. This film is a deep, personal tale of love, longing, compassion, and ultimate forgiveness.
Director's Note
I do not have many dreams. At least ones I remember. 8 years ago I awoke to the image of myself tumbling down a mountain I had just climbed. When I reached the bottom I began to climb up again. And again I was pushed down. I was crying, because I could not make out the face of the person pushing me down. Was it my lover? Was it myself? The dream came back to me several times that year. It was violent, yet it was also quiet and serene. It told me that I could not change my fate. The three characters in Woman on Fire Looks for Water represent one cycle of a life. They have the same fate. They are the same person. Yet they are different.
2009 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
2009 Cinemanila International Film Festival - SEA Competition: Special Mention
2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Spectrum
2010 San Francisco International Film Festival
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