ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Script Development Fund

2008 Script Development Fund

LIST Half Truth
Category Asian
Project Half Truth
Director Jahar KANUNGO
Country India
Director's Profile For a living, Jahar Kanungo was working as Resident Advisor for a corporate firm in Delhi. His tenure came to an end in 2007. Then he took a break traveling, writing and reading. Presently, he is working on film scripts. His first feature, [Reaching Silence] has participated in over 20 international Festivals and has won 6 international awards, including Best Feature film and the Best Actress award from Osian's Cinefan Asian Film Festival.
A wife suspects that the fiction her husband is writing is really not fiction. She links this story to a woman who disappeared a few years ago. Could the story have originated in his own experience? If such were the case, it would mean her husband cheated on her. The husband confesses that once he was fascinated by the girl she is thinking of, but it's all past. The wife's mistrust grows and the husband tries to win back her trust. One night, out of frustration her husband burns his writings. But his wife thinks that it is only the curtain of words he has burnt. Then, what is real, what is fictional?
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