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2011 Script Development Fund

LIST The Dinner (aka. Happy Birthday Mom!)
Category Korean Project
Project The Dinner (aka. Happy Birthday Mom!)
Director KIM Donghyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile In 2004, KIM Donghyun’s short film [A Starving Day] won first prize at Seoul Independent Film Festival and Seoul Christianity Film Festival. His first feature film [A Shark] was introduced as the opening film at Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2005 and screened at Busan International Film Festival in 2006. His second feature film [Hello, Stranger] won the NETPAC Award at Busan International Film Festival in 2007 and was invited to various festivals throughout the world.
The children are busy. The daughter has got divorced and is now taking care of her autistic son. The oldest son has lost his job and is busy finding another job. The youngest son doesn’t have a decent job but manages to get by through sorting mail and working as a chauffeur. Their parents don’t blame their children for not calling or visiting on their mother’s birthday. The father makes a gift of a hamburger to his wife. She had never tasted one before, but enjoys it instead of a birthday cake. The youngest son argues with a customer over money, killing him on his mother’s birthday.
Director's Note
All parents have an unbreakable bond with their children. While some will get divorced and others will lose their jobs, family members club together and try to keep going. Young children have a duty to take care of helpless older parents and older parents have a duty to look after their young children. But nothing in the world goes the way we want it to. Even with wealth, some people can’t afford to take care of their family. They become incapable of duty.
2013 Busan International Film Festival - Closing Film
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