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LIST Somebody to Love (working title)
Category Korean Project
Project Somebody to Love (working title)
Director JANG Heesun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in Seoul in 1973, JANG Heesun graduated from Ewha Woman’s University with a degree in sociobiology. Since 1993, she has been a member of the studio Cheongnyun (Youth) and worked on the directing team for [The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well] (HONG Sangsoo) in 1996. After finishing her coursework for Cinema Studies at the graduate school of arts in Yong-In University in 2000, Jang continued her work on projects such as her first short film [Welcome], the feature film [Making Sun-dried Red Peppers], [Jae-hee’s Story on the Sexual Harassment at Workplace] and [We Shall Overcome]. Those films won several prizes at various film festivals. She also directed [Blind Date] for the 10th Anniversary Project “Ten Ten” at the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul in 2008.
Height: 158cm, weight: 83kg… Young-mi is trapped by these numbers and remains a minor-leaguer in the world of love. After many years, love has finally come to her and she doesn’t want to lose it. But, unfortunately she’s dealing with Cheol-soo, an alcoholic who’s saying that alcohol means everything to him. Having endured all manner of hardships, he is well-practiced in the art of relationships. Perhaps you might imagine that a beautiful love story will come from their union…but despite our best wishes, the love between these two stubborn spirits becomes stormy and turbulent. After overcoming this self-destructive romance, the long awaited love is found right on her doorstep. But Young-mi takes time to look back to her previous love.
Director's Note
When we read the diary that we wrote several years ago, we sometimes find that we are struggling with the same problems in much the same way as we did before.
Getting advice from friends or worrying about problems doesn’t help to find a solution. When you open your eyes, you will see you’re just following your previous habits again and again. The more we want, the more we hold onto something. Belief degenerates into blind faith and we don’t want to look back and reflect. When we realize that we are the cause and the solution of our problems, we feel a heavy burden on our shoulders. We should have the guts to face our problems now, or the problems will always follow us.
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