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LIST Peace Haven
Category Asian Project
Project Peace Haven
Director Suman GHOSH
Country India, United States of America
Director's Profile Suman Ghosh has made 4 feature films till date. His films have won multiple awards at festivals- both in India and abroad. His debut feature film Footsteps starring Soumitra Chatterjee and Nandita Das won 2 National Awards in India. After that his films include Nobel Thief and Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights, both of which have been screened in many prestigious film festivals throughout the world. Most recently Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights won the “Most Outstanding International Feature Award” at the Reel World Film Festival in Toronto. He lives in Kolkata and Miami.
After the death of their close friend, 4 old men realize that after their death they will face similar consequences were their sons or daughters who live abroad cannot conduct the last rites at their funeral. In Hindu custom this is regarded as an extremely important ritual. Thus in order to preserve their body after death till their sons/daughters get time to come from abroad they need to create a place called “Peace Haven” which can do so for almost 7 days. The journey begins from here were these 4 men are intent to build this place so they can die peacefully. Through this journey they realize the true meaning of life.
Director's Note
Peace Haven is a metaphysical enquiry of life ? ironically through death. The protagonists of my story become obsessed with the preparations of their impending death. In the process they find out and discover the meaning of life. It is not about the grand questions and issues which seem to confront us in life’s journey; it is more about small micro details which makes life worth living. In my story- the smallest details as to how much ice one needs to preserve the dead body- the quality of ice and the wood dust needed for the preservation- to who will pay the remaining bill of the newspaper vendor of the deceased…all of these miniscule details comprises the joy of living.
2015 Busan Internaional Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
2015 New York Indian Film Festival
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