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2014 Script Development Fund

LIST One of Us
Category Asian Project
Project One of Us
Director TAN Chui Mui
Country Malaysia
Director's Profile Tan Chui Mui, Malaysian filmmaker born in Kuantan, 1978.
In 2007, she received the Tiger Award from International Film Festival Rotterdam with her debut feature <Love Conquers All>(2006). The film had previously won the New Currents Awards and FIPRESCI Award at Busan International Film Festival.
She is also a very productive short filmmaker, who had won big prizes in two prestigious short film festivals in the world: Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.
He moved to a tropical island, living alone in a small house in jungle. He goes surfing every day, works in a beach bar at night. He made a list for himself: breakfast only after swimming 3km in the morning; water 2 times the small farm behind his house; talk to at least 3 people a day; watch sunset every day; write a letter before sleep; The letters are all for the same person, but he never send it out.
“Every November, it will rain for three months in this tropical island. All activities on the island will stop, everyone just stay at home for 3 months, looking out to the sky through their window, bored. Frogs will jump into their house, fat and juicy, the only resources for food in this rainy season. People go crazy in this season, apparently poisoned by the male frogs.” He wrote in his letter.
“I dreamt that we build a little stone house by the sea, white walls and blue doors. Every evening we sit down, drink coffee, and read book together, jump into the sea at sun set every evening. And we lived like this for many years. One day I just swim towards the sea, and never return. Thus, I had you in my dream and then I lost you again in my dream“, he wrote.
Director's Note
Sometime I think about how distracted god was when he created you: maybe he was feeling angry, maybe he was simply annoyed, maybe he was having a stomach ache, maybe he was just checking his Facebook status… and I can’t help laughing.
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