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LIST Haenyeo
Category Korean Project
Project Haenyeo
Director O Muel
Country Korea
Director's Profile O Muel (born O Kyung-heon) was the director of the culture collective Terror J and of ′A Flower on the Head′ street festival since 1998, and he has set up today′s Japari Jeju theater company. After making two short films, <Putting on Lipstick Thickly> and <Flower for a Head>, he has made the following feature films: <Nostalgia>(2009), <Pong Ddol>(2010), and <Wind of Island>(2010). <Jiseul>(2012) was his fourth feature film, and, currently, his fifth film titled <Golden Chariot in the Sky> is preparing to be released in theaters.
On an island with scarce water, even men,
skipped lunch and dived into the sea.
Money saved little by little
All goes into dear husband′s drinking glass.
What misfortune. Such misfortune.
It is such a misfortune.

The last diving by the last remaining haenyeos on Daeseom Island, a small fishing town in Jeju! A Jeju haenyeo and a slim guy do synchronized swimming! Haenyeos′ synchronized swimming performed in the blue sea of Jeju! A warm applause for their special performance! A round of applause for their life as haenyeos!
Director's Note
Haenyeo is an icon of Jeju Island. Since childhood, they live in the rough seas, and through their divings, the child matures and the Jeju Island exists. Like how Seolmundae goddess had created the island of Jeju, the haenyeo of Jeju is the mother and the Jeju Island itself. Furthermore, haenyeo is Korea′s native culture which still exists today, and it is also a ′living history′ that receives much public attention. I want to tell a story in a light and amusing way by bringing together the rough and crude life of haenyeos with synchronized swimming.
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