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2018 Script Development Fund

LIST Moon Night Diver
Category Asian Project
Project Moon Night Diver
Director OTA Shingo
Country Japan, Taiwan, South Korea
Director's Profile Ota Shingo was born in 1985. Studied Philosophy and Narrative Theory at Waseda University. His first work, Sotsugyo (Graduation), won the Excellence and Audience Awards at Image Forum Festival 2010. His first feature documentary film The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed was distributed within Japan after being screened at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2013 and distributed in more than 12 countries.
In a small port town that suffered major damage caused by a tsunami, Shusaku works as a diving instructor. One day, Shusaku receives a request from the secret client group to withdraw mementos from the restricted area of the sea. The only source of light is the moonlight. The wreckage from the earthquake disaster was left at the bottom of the sea. In violation of the rule that the group of clients decided on, one member of the group, Touko, asks Shusaku not to look for the ring of her missing husband. This is because she does not want to accept the death of her husband. However, Shusaku feels love towards her and looks for the ring with determination. A requiem and prayer to life echo in the dark sea.
Director's Note
This film shows the emotional conflict of a man in search of a memento in a restricted area. The movie stares at the life of the victims of the earthquake disaster at the same time. This means it is a story of a requiem and a prayer. For us who live in a capitalist society to go toward globalization, my intention in making this film is to make the audience realize and remember the menace of nature again.
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