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LIST De Facto (Working Title)
Category AFA Project
Project De Facto (Working Title)
Director Rakan MAYASI
Country Palestine, Lebanon
Director's Profile Rakan Mayasi is an independent filmmaker from Palestine, born in Germany and currently based in Lebanon. He studied Cinema, Theatre and Psychology in Lebanon and then received intense film training with Abbas Kiarostami at the Asian Film Academy. He underwent different filmmaking experiences in several countries in writing and directing. He has written and directed four independent short films. His latest film Bonbone (2017) tackles the phenomenon of Palestinian sperm smuggling from Israeli jails and has world premiered in Toronto International Film Festival in 2017. So far, it received Best Short Awards in international film festivals.
De Facto (working title) follows the element of water, in its three states, as it acts as a curse on three different women who face human trafficking and displacement in a politically complex Levant: one woman who must be smuggled through the tunnel to Gaza; another who must flee from the refugee camp in Lebanon; and a woman who must swim away to Greece.
Director's Note
The subject of human trafficking and displacement has been taking place since long ago and the people of the Middle East have had their share of it. The three stories happening in the film are based on real events and stories, which I discovered by reading articles, watching documentaries and through research. Filmmaking has a very important role in documenting the current crisis, and as a filmmaker, I stand by this cause with big responsibilities. I therefore believe that this is a timely film, one that is able to stand together and unfold itself to the audience with the possibility of opening their eyes and hearts on the human experience of fleeing and hardship, and the need to leave one’s liminal space into a place where there is life and opportunity, regardless of nationality or race.
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