ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

2005 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Battlefield Calling
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Battlefield Calling
Director KONG Miyeun
Country Korea
Director's Profile 1997 Joined Seoul Visual Collective
1997 Assistant director, On-Line (DV&Betacam_64min)
1998 Assistant director, Re claiming Our Names (DV_67min)
2000 Co-cinematographer
Doomealee, the very first step (35mm kineco_80min)
2001 Cinematographer, Documentary Rip it up! (DV_45min)
2001 Director and Cinematographer, The Green Tracks (DV_30min)
2003 Cinematographer, Mad Minutes (DVCAM_82min)
2004 Director and Cinematographer
Educational AV Material In Search of Peace(DV, 25 min)
2005 Director and Cinematographer
Word for Word on Globalization shown at Independent Films Project in Opposition to Neo-liberalism
Currently, a member of Seoul Visual Collective.
I am an independent video documentarist. I meet my college friends time to time. Most of them have a job and keep a family. Even though we are still bound by the name `movement circles`, our daily lives differ from each other. What we usually talk about over a drink is some business we know well or our children. Sometimes, we discuss on where the world is turning to or some of the headaches each of us has. Sometimes I have fun talking with them, but some other times I get hurt from the distance I have from them or from how distanced they are from what happens around us. The US has invaded Iraq. South Korean government sent their troops to Iraq, but the war is still on. War pushes individuals who are occupied with daily matters straight to the world of life and death, like the Iraqi citizens that I met, fiercely criticizing Korean troops in their country. But their voice never reaches my friends. Why is it that people would `oppose a war` and still denounce such belief immediately by accepting that `war is inevitable`? In this documentary, I embark on a journey to meet my friends again with this question in mind.
Director's Note
To `oppose war` is to `remind oneself` that one is in the battlefield. A battlefield is a field where violence is approved on one side and the very existence of the exercise of that violence is denied on the other side. This documentary seeks to find possibilities of resisting militarist violence by probing into how that violence makes it way through daily life.
2007 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
2007 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2008 Seoul Independen Documentary Film & Video Festival
2008 Punto de Vista - Documentary Film Festival of Navarra - AND Special Program
2008 Cinema Verite Iran International Documentary Film Festival
2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival
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