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2008 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Barbarous Weapon
Category KyungSung Fund
Project Barbarous Weapon
Director LEE Kanggil
Country Korea
Director's Profile LEE Kang-gil has directed several documentaries about the environment, human rights, and peace and was cinematographer of [Haengdang-dong People 2] (1999, Kim Dong-won) and [Walking for Life] (2004, Kim Tae-il). He has been living in Buan since 2000, making a series of documentaries, [Save Our Saemankum], dealing with environmental issues related to the foreshore area of Saemankum. The last work in the series, [To Live ?Save Our Saemankum] (2006), was presented in many film festivals in Korea including the Green Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, EBS Documentary Festival, and Seoul Independent film Festival 2007.
There was a campaign against the plan for a nuclear waste dump site in Buan, Jeollabuk-do for more than four years starting in 2003. That plan was finally abandoned, and Gyeongju-city was chosen instead of Buan by an unjust vote under the initiative of the Korean Government. Barbarous Weapons will disclose the political ambitions, crueler than a nuclear complex, in the undemocratic formalities caused by NIMBY and the selfishness hidden under the cloak of community development.
Director's Note
It is a story about political attempts to attract a radioactive waste disposal plant, in other words, a nuclear waste dump site to in the peaceful island in Buan. This documentary aims to tell all about the exploitative policy and the political powers led by massive capital, as well as to search for the meaning of well-being through the cases of Buan and Gyeongju-city, regarding nuclear waste dump sites.
2010 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
2011 Seoul Eco Film Festival - Aveda Korean Environmental Film Award Grand Prize
2011 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
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