ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

2009 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Masquerade
Category KyungSung Fund
Project Masquerade
Director MUN Jeong-hyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Since 2003, Mun started working at Purun Media, an independent documentary production. In 2005, he made [Zelophehad’s Daughters] (2005), a film that accuses Korean Christianity and Seoul YMCA of sexual discrimination. [Grandmother’s Flower] (2007), produced in 2007, was acclaimed at several film festivals such as PIFF, Berlin International Film Festival, and Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival.
Lee Myung-hwa, the director of Aha Center, introduced me to ‘mothers of child sex crime victims’ group. At a healing event, I saw them reenact the sex crimes into dance and shed tears at the pain. I recently had a baby girl and decided to pick up my camera. I started filming those who move painfully in order to heal the wounds that nobody caresses.
Director's Note
I had a baby girl, and the joy could not be compared to any other. When I sometimes see a kidnapping story on the news, I wonder “how would it be if that were my child.” The thought is unimaginable. Through the ‘mothers of child sex crime victims’ group and Lee Myung-hwa, an activist, and I wanted to talk about the patriarchal life and social atmosphere. I wanted to talk about how we unconsciously commit sex crimes in our everyday life.
2010 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
Still Cut