ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

2009 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Yosemite and Me
Category UniKorea Fund
Project Yosemite and Me
Director KIM Jee-hyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim was born and currently lives in Seoul. She produced most of her films with DV and is currently making a documentary about those films. She made [The Long Way Home] (1997/drama/16mm/15min), [The Smile] (2000/drama/6mm/9min), [Another Love Story] (2000/ drama/6mm/30min), [Ramen] (2001/documentary/6mm/41min), [Popee] (2002/drama/6mm/63min), and [The Mountain in the Front] (2009/documentary/6mm/71min).
I am a filmmaker and I use Power Macintosh G3 for film editing. However, the 1999 model is very inconvenient. It is slow and shuts down often. Sometimes, it takes more than 24 hours to boot. When I decided to part with my computer, I realized that I love it. I had grown attached to it. Besides, we have been making films together for ten years. I wanted to commemorate our parting and decided to make our story into a film.
Director's Note
I do not like Capitalism and am cautious of material excess, at least in my head. However, in real life, I have never refused material convenience. In the end, I get emotionally attached to the things I have. My relationship with my computer, Power Macintosh G3, shows it to be true. This documentary is a record of the ten years I have spent with the Power Macintosh G3, a gift of science technology and a product of Capitalism.
2011 Seoul Independent Film Festival - First Prize
Still Cut