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2013 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST A Young Patriot (aka. Patriotism ′90)
Category Busan Bank Fund
Project A Young Patriot (aka. Patriotism ′90)
Director DU Haibin
Country China
Director's Profile Du Haibin graduated Beijing Film Academy in 2000 and is an independent documentary director, with a background in Photography and Fine Arts. His major works include Along the Railway(2000), received special mention from Yamagata Documentary Film Festival, Stone Mountain(2005), which has granted 2005 Dongseo Asia Fund of ACF of Busan International Film Festival and it shows workers and their conditions of life in a quarry in the far away parts of China, and 1428 (2009), recorded on the survivors of the Great Sichuan Earthquake of 2008. Du Hai-bin is one of the most prolific and innovative documentary filmmakers in China today.
Patriotism ‘90 explores the rise of passionate patriotism in China among youngsters born after 1990 . This ′+90’s generation′ have their own set of values centered on consumer goods and western-influenced pop culture, but some of them, in beautiful ancient Pingyao where this film mostly takes place, go to extremes parading in old military uniforms waving big Chinese flags, shouting nationalistic slogans, protesting every occasion of “affront” to the Chinese nation. The film follows 19-year-old Zhao Changtong, student in a vocational school, and his modest family through 3 years of their lives, exploring why and how Zhao becomes the vocal “patriotic exhibitionist” as he is called.
In 2011 Zhao is admitted into Chengdu University, far away from Pingyao. Zhao leaves home for the first time, his initial passionate patriotic values are being replaced by new western influences. Zhao is learning rap songs, hanging out with girls, and thinking realistically about his materialistic future.
Director's Note
A few days before the grand display of national pride for the 60th anniversary of the PRC, I was shocked by several youngsters wearing military uniforms waving red flags and shouting slogans. Shades of Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution or Students on Tiananmen Square in 1989.
In China, patriotism is pounded into our heads since we are children. I am more than surprised, however, that a modern materialistic lifestyle has not substituted itself for the need of the patriotic “opium”.
I want to explore with this film what caused this emotional outburst among today’s youths in communist China and how they see and live Patriotism. History has taught us precious lessons on the tragedies blind nationalism can bring. At a time when global economy is collapsing and each nation is protecting itself, it seems even more urgent to reflect upon this subject.
2015 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle_Documentary Showcase
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