ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

Year Category Project Director Country/Region​
2013 Next Fund Gureombi - The Wind is Blowing CHO Sung Bong Korea
2013 Hyowon Fund All Live, Olive (aka. Hijab) KIM Tae-il Korea
2013 BIFF Mecenat Fund Comfort Factory Complex IM Heung-soon Korea
2013 YoungSan Fund Drifting City (aka. Open City : Guangzhou and Ansan) KIM Jeong Korea
2013 Dong-Eui Cinema Fund The Anxious Day Out (aka. Prisoner of Conscience) KIM Cheol Min Korea
2013 DongSeo Asia Fund To Singapore, with Love TAN Pin Pin Singapore
2013 DongSeo Asia Fund Zen and Bones (aka. Zen Priest Henry’s Red Shoes) NAKAMURA Takayuki Japan
2013 Busan Bank Fund Our Metropolis Gautam SONTI, Usha RAO India
2013 Busan Bank Fund A Young Patriot (aka. Patriotism ′90) DU Haibin China
2013 BIFF Mecenat Fund Demons in Paradise (aka. The Iron Demon) Jude RATNAM Sri Lanka, France
2013 BIFF Mecenat Fund In the Claws of a Century Wanting (aka. Tondo, Beloved) Jewel MARANAN Philippines
2013 BIFF Mecenat Fund Lost Mountain (aka. Bullet from Nowhere) GU Tao China
2013 BIFF Supporters Fund Chinese Mayor (aka. Datong) ZHOU Hao China
2013 BIFF Supporters Fund The Storm Makers Guillaume SUON Cambodia, France
2013 Distribution Fund Hello?! Orchestra LEE Cheol-ha Korea