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LIST Gureombi - The Wind is Blowing
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Project Gureombi - The Wind is Blowing
Director CHO Sung Bong
Country Korea
Director's Profile He has been making the film which handles with society issues such as human rights and environment and etc. Major films include Red Hunt (1997) and Red Hunt 2 - National Crime (2000) dedicates to Jeju island 4.3 Civil Resistance, Seeing Darkness (2003) which deals with Military Sexual Slavery by Japan in World War Ⅱ. He has been producing Azalea Mountains and Streams, the documentary about spy who lives in Jiri Mountain since 2005. Currently, he has been following the movement which resists construction of naval base at Gangjeong village in Jeju island since 2011.
It was April 3, 2011 when the director of the film met the Gureombi rock for the first time. It was the time of the year when beautiful endangered creatures came to life and flowers blooming among the Gureombi rocks, and spring water was spewed out of the huge lava rocks, showing off its beauty of this volcanic island, Jeju. On the same day, in near village, the residents fought against the navy and construction workers with bare hands. Their only weapon was a placard, reading “Do not touch a single stone and a single flower.” On March 8, 2012, the “blasting the Gureombi” plan finally began. The siren of the village was wailing from 4AM asking residence to stop the trucks with bombs and by sunrise, the riot police took over the streets and seized the cars used to block the trucks. But people from all over the country were standing behind the cars.

It’s been seven years of struggles against the naval base plan.
Now, here we are at Gangjeong.
Director's Note
In 2007 Gangjeong village was announced as naval base area, and since then the struggles against the plan has been ongoing. Named as Joint military civilian tourism port, which is a huge propaganda and fraud, colluded with the national security and economic logics. The government dispatched 1,400 riot police to this small village where about 1,000 residents live. The village became a showcase of the government violence on civilians. Government officials joining hands with conglomerates in a scam to raise and gain profit. And in this effort 600 protesters have been arrested. This film captures the “great struggles” and “historical wind” of the people.
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