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LIST In the Claws of a Century Wanting (aka. Tondo, Beloved)
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project In the Claws of a Century Wanting (aka. Tondo, Beloved)
Director Jewel MARANAN
Country Philippines
Director's Profile Jewel Maranan is an independent documentary filmmaker in the Philippines. From working on documentaries that tackle conflict situations, she developed a deep interest in the ways by which history inches through ordinary life.
The two films she has directed so far were crafted in this pursuit. Her film, Garlic Peeler (2008), follows a woman garlic peeler as she exhausts all possibilities of public health service for her husband′s testicle ailment. Tondo, Beloved: To What Are the Poor Born (2012), her most recent documentary, observes the geopolitics of life before birth in the oldest and most densely populated slum in Manila.
Aside from filmmaking, she currently manages Cinema Is Incomplete, a cinema theque and film distribution project that started in 2011 and is now also venturing into film production.
This film is about four people in different stages of life circumscribed in Manila′s busiest international port. In the waking hours of their ordinary days, they bear witness to the wealth of different nations, packed as cargo, passing them by, leaving, and entering Manila′s shores. As we follow the everyday cycle of these people′s lives, we follow the everyday cycle of the port. But soon, that which surrounds them is bound to smother them. Pushed by the increasing traffic of global trade, the port will be expanded, gradually engulfing the spaces where they now live, the spaces where their narratives unravel. Tondo, Beloved seeks to capture a global process from the perspective of everyday life. It seeks to film this approaching conflict ?compounding and overarching the struggles of an already precarious living. In the everyday narratives of four small homes, the film traces imprints of the larger world.
Director's Note
Tondo, Beloved is a montage of observations that confront slices of people′s lives and slices of an industrial expansion. The film refers to a momentous reality, but its point of view will be up close, down to the minutes of every day. It will linger in the time of waiting, in the lethargy of survival, aware of and at the same time oblivious to what awaits.
How does life go on in the exhaust pipe of globalization?
Seeping through what′s present, I seek to interrogate the future, anxiously questioning what this represents for me, for us, and for the rest of what is commonly called the “developing world” in the face of an established order of supremacy that is as certain as it is volatile.
2017 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle_Documentary Competition
2017 Singapore International Film Festival - Asian Vision Section
2018 Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival - Moving Borders section
2018 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Asian Vision Competition
2018 International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DokLeipzig) - International Programme
2018 Jean Rouch International Film Festival - International Competition
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