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LIST Drifting City (aka. Open City : Guangzhou and Ansan)
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Drifting City (aka. Open City : Guangzhou and Ansan)
Director KIM Jeong
Country Korea
Director's Profile After graduating from Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) Kim Jeong became a member of Women’s Film Association. She has directed a trilogy documentary: Koryu (2000), I’ll Be Seeing Her (2002)and New woman (2004). She has also made a feature film called Viewfinder (2009). Both of her films Koryu and Viewfinder deals with migrations and space, and her new project Open City talks the same subject matters. Her works were invited to Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival and other major film festivals.
Chapter 1 follows the migrations of Africans to China from the point of view of a young Mexican scholar Roberto Castillo. His views are, an immigrant from Latin America living in Hong Kong, I will observe through his eyes the encounters between Asia and Africa, and between China and Africa.
Chapter 2 takes a glance at a city, Ansan. From a near collapse to rapid economic growth, the city is in re-development with the mix of multi-cultural streets of foreigners, chimneys of a factory complex belching smoke, Sihwa Tidal Power Plant, Dae-boo island with full of resorts, and apartment in the region being occupied again.
Chapter 3 visits the “People of Earth’s Station,” a shelter and a media lab for immigrant labors. Where I meet the Cambodian immigrant women farmers. As a Korean woman directing this local and Asian phenomenon, this documentary is able to become a global kaleidoscope
Director's Note
While interested in subject matters of boundaries, strangers, and cities, I met Roberto Castillo in Hong Kong. He told me a story of African immigrant traders and wholesalers in Guangzhou, China. It was very interesting to me because the shifts in China seemed quite different from the globalization led by Europe and America. Above all, I was captivated by the fact of equality given to the foreigner in China, it broke the stereotype of seeing immigrant workers as victims. The pictures of the Africans in the streets of Guangzhou shot by Mr. Castillo said it all. While filming, I became fascinated in observing the opening and closing of the city space by the foreigners. This documentary will be a story about immigrant labors and migration, and about a city and the contemplation of media.
2015 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle_Documentary Showcase
2015 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2016 Independent Film&Vedio Makers
2016 Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival
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