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2013 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Comfort Factory Complex
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project Comfort Factory Complex
Director IM Heung-soon
Country Korea
Director's Profile He has been making the film which handles with society issues such as human rights and environment and etc. Major films include Red Hunt (1997) and Red Hunt 2 - National Crime (2000) dedicates to Jeju island 4.3 Civil Resistance, Seeing Darkness (2003) which deals with Military Sexual Slavery by Japan in World War Ⅱ. He has been producing Azalea Mountains and Streams, the documentary about spy who lives in Jiri Mountain since 2005. Currently, he has been following the movement which resists construction of naval base at Gangjeong village in Jeju island since 2011.
A woman used to work at the Guro factory complex. She often dreamt about her future and the future of her co-workers. In the dream they were getting the recognition and comfort that they deserve. One day she gets to reflect the past while interviewing for a documentary. And suddenly after the interview she recollects the memory of a colleague’s death, which she hasn’t revealed in the past.
Director's Note
One of the constant and terrible thoughts of the modern people is the fear related to their job. Controls and surveillance in the working environment, the fear of being laid off and having temporary work... This fear and/or anxiety slowly erode us and drive us into death. This film traces the anxiety and the fear related to our reality of labor through the physical and psychological landscapes of the space, called ‘Guro factory complex’.
2015 Jeju Women′s Film Festival
2015 Diaspora Film Festival
2015 Muju Film Festival - Muju Audience Award
2015 Women′s Film Festival in Gwangju
2016 The London Korean Film Festival
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