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2018 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Blue Island
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project Blue Island
Director CHAN Tze Woon
Country Hong Kong, China
Director's Profile Chan Tze-woon is a Hong Kong filmmaker. His interest in politics and concern for Hong Kong translates into a cinematic vocabulary in his first two works, Aqueous Truth (2013) and Being Rain: Representation and Will (2014). A large-scale occupation in 2014 prompted his first feature length documentary Yellowing (2016). The film was nominated for Best Documentary in the 53rd Taiwan Golden Horse Award and won the Shinsuke Ogawa Award at the 15th Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.
The three men are now in the late middle-ages. He… participated in the leftist riot in 1967. Now, he works in an LCD monitor manufacturing plant, having witnessed the changing tides of the electronic industry. He… was an educated youth undergoing the Cultural Revolution in Mainland China and sneaked into Hong Kong across the stormy sea. Now, he has been repairing the lift in the city. He… was a university student in 1989 and experienced the gunshots at Tiananmen Square. Now, he gives up a steady city job, refusing government handout, in order to fight for basic human rights for his daughter, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, and the underprivileged who suffer from work injuries. Nearing the final decade of their lives, the three men remember 1967 Hong Kong Riots, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen Square Protest, as Hong Kong’s turbulent past flashes before our eyes, where the tapestry of history reveals a charged and uncertain 21st Century Hong Kong.
Director's Note
The history of Hong Kong is the common story formed by people from different backgrounds, with different ethnical identifications and different political views. Many people have experienced very dramatic lives that are profoundly touching. When gathered up, these stories can show the complexity of Hong Kong which possesses multi-values, and the love-hate relationship with China. Shuttling through the adventure of their lives and revisiting the history and the present days of Hong Kong, the film tries to reflect the intriguing relationship between China and Hong Kong in the past 50 years and brings out the beauty, sadness and the irresistible fate of this small island ? Hong Kong.
2022 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Bright Future
2022 Hot Docs - International Spectrum Competition
2022 New Directors/New Films Festival (MoMA)
2022 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Special Jury Prize, Audience Award
2022 CAAM Fest 2022
2022 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle_Documentary Showcase
2023 Hong Kong Film Festival UK
2023 East Asia Film Festival Ireland
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