ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Asian Network of Documentary(AND) Fund

2019 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST Embodied Chorus
Category BNK Busan Bank Fund
Project Embodied Chorus
Director Danielle DAVIE, Mohamed SABBAH
Country Lebanon, Germany
Director's Profile Danielle, a documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist, directed 10 films about Bedouins in Syria. Her latest work Les Oiseaux is an 8mm experimental.
Mohamed’s films deal with body relationships, death, family and politics. His shorts and feature Chronic travelled internationally and won awards.
Embodied Chorus is a creative documentary following an HIV positive woman and a gay man who lived with HPV, on their journey towards resilience. They open a conversation, narrate their own stories and those of other individuals, going beyond the shame related to an STI experience in Lebanon. Raw images of intimate moments and visuals transmitting physical sensations and emotions replace words and Embodied Chorus becomes a research on how shame can be surpassed and a trauma is turned into a piece of art.
Director's Note
While the world continues to stay silent about sexually transmitted infections (STI) and people living with STI face fear of being judged, we are making a creative documentary that gives a voice to those who usually keep their stories to themselves. With Embodied Chorus, we open an artistic and sensual exploration of a taboo topic from within Lebanon. Living with an STI is a daily struggle, a trauma which we aim to transform into something beautiful.
2023 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
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