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2019 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

LIST My Missing Aunt
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project My Missing Aunt
Director YANG Juyeon
Country Korea
Director's Profile Yang Juyeon is interested in how women are portrayed or omitted in Korean society. Her latest work, The Trail of Grandma’s Home (2015), is based on her grandmother’s memories of the Gwangju Uprising. It won the Grand prize at Asian International Short Film Festival 2015. My Missing Aunt is her first feature documentary.
One day, before my university graduation, my father told me for the first time about my aunt who took her own life 40 years ago. In 1975, my aunt was studying chemical engineering at a university in Gwangju city. Right before her university graduation, she took her own life by drinking poison. After hearing it, I found around 40 photos of her which my grandmother had kept. While searching the places in the photos and meeting people who remember my aunt, I face residual feelings. How can I honour the life and memory of her who I didn’t even know the face or the name?
Director's Note
This film started from a question on how people would remember a woman who chose suicide in 1975. How come she became a secret? It was easy to be forgotten since daughters were secondary in family. ‘Suicide’ throws a question to people who were close to the dead on how to accept life. Family and friends of the dead have to go through feeling guilty, resentful, longing, all sorts of emotional breakdowns. This film is to talk about that emotional storm as it is. The director is searching for a slim possibility to commemorate people who have taken their own lives.
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