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LIST Plaster Cast Drawing
Category Korean Project
Project Plaster Cast Drawing
Director WON Taewoong
Country Korea
Director's Profile Taewoong Won directed The Day Going to Market(2012), Son’s Time(2014), In My Garden(2019), and Universe Department Store(2022). He is interested in capturing moments of ordinary life, memories dwelling in places, and the sense of things disappearing, while also visualzing the surreal elements within them.
Like the buildings vanishing in the process of urban redevelopment, paradigms that dominate the era cannot evade their decline. The sense of vanity dwells in pure-white plaster figures, showcasing how a once overwhelming system dissapears into the past, leaving behind only nostalgia. The film, in its search for the origin of this sense of vanity, reflects on both the microhistory of individuals and the bright and dark sides of the system itself. Plaster cast drawing serves as the starting point and medium for this journey.
Director's Note
Plaster Cast Drawing is a film that explores the significance of plaster cast drawing as a crucial component of the entrance examination for fine art colleges in South Korea from the 1960s to the early 2010s. Within the context of this standardized evaluation system, which required individuals to apply for admission to colleges of fine art and design, the film delves into the stories of success and failure experienced by individuals. It captures the memories of those who had to draw plaster figures in pursuit of their dreams of becoming artists while also examining other forms of evaluation methods aiming to unveil the uniformity and competitiveness of the Korean evaluation system. As an artistic non-fictuion film, it strives to showcase its unique style through cinematography and narrative, providing both informational content and sensory pleasure.