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2009 Post-Production Fund

LIST Mundane History
Category Asian Project
Project Mundane History
Country Thailand
Director's Profile Anocha Suwichakornpong gained an MFA in filmmaking from Columbia University, New York. In 2006, Anocha’s script, [The White Room], was selected for Script Clinic at Berlinale Talent Campus. Her thesis, [Graceland] (2006) became the first Thai short film to be included in the Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival (Cinefondation). She also directed [Lunch], as part of [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner] trilogy, a feature co-directed by Asian female directors, [Mundane History] is her first feature.
Ake, a young man, wakes up in a hospital. He is paralyzed from the waist down. His father hires a male nurse, Pun, to take care of him when he is discharged from the hospital. Days go by without much happening. Pun bathes Ake, brings the food tray in for him, takes the food tray out, etc. Whenever Pun tries to cheer Ake up, he is often met with curt responses. The father drops in sometimes to talk to them, but it seems like there is a great distance between the father and the son. Elsewhere in the house, life goes on its course; the servants carry on their duties ? food on the table, sweeping away fallen leaves on the lawn, opening the gate when a car sounds the horn… Slowly, Ake begins to open up to Pun. One day they decide to go to a planetarium. A disturbing truth is revealed.
Director's Note
[Mundane History] (Jao Nok Krajok) functions as a family drama and something else. There are four main characters in this “narrative” -- the father, the disabled son, the male nurse, and the house itself. The setting of the film is contemporary Thailand, where despite the fact that life seems to go on as normal, you can just tell that something isn’t quite right. What constitutes history? When one writes about history, how does one choose which information to include and which to omit? Can mundane activities be counted as history? What happens if the private is public and the mundane is history? Cinema is an art form. It is also a medium of expression. This film is my maiden voyage into the sea of troubled waters that is Thailand.
2009 Busan International Film Festival - New Currents
2009 World Film Festival of Bangkok - Opennig Film
2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam - VPRO Tiger Award
2010 Transylvania International Film Festival - Transilvania Trophy
2010 Mumbai Film Festival
2010 Golden Horse Film Festival - NETPAC Award
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