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2009 Post-Production Fund

LIST The House under the Water
Category Asian Project
Project The House under the Water
Director Sepideh FARSI
Country Iran
Director's Profile Sepideh Farsi was born in Tehran (Iran) in 1965. After studies in mathematics and several years of photography, she started making short and documentary films including [Homi D. Sethna] (2000) which participated in many festivals. Her first two features [Dreams of Dust ](2003) and [The Gaze] (2006) premiered in Rotterdam in 2006. Her next documentary Tehran without permission will premiere in Locarno 2009. She just finished the shoot of her next feature [The house under the water].
Two teenagers, Morteza and Taher, are involved in the accidental drowning of Taher′s younger brother. An indelible seal has marked their destiny, linking them forever. Thirty years later, Morteza who has just come out of jail, is suspected of murdering a child. Taher who is now a police officer, first thinks he is guilty, like all the others, but then finds out that he′s wrong and decides to prove Morteza′s innocence despite all the appearances.
Director's Note
The story tries to depict complexity of the desires of Iranians, through those of the main characters, from Morteza who lost his son, to the dead orphan, whom nobody mourns, passing by Maliheh and Taher, yearning to have a child and who volunteer to adopt the dead boy. Thus attempting to symbolize the contradictory aspirations of the Iranian society, stuck somewhere between archaism and modernism. The story goes through the life of two men, Taher and Morteza, who meet at two crucial moments of their lives, once as teenagers, when Morteza and Taher are both involved in Taher′s bother′s accidental death, and once much later as adults, when Taher saves Morteza from death penalty by proving his innocence.
2010 Dubai International Film Festival
2010 Fribourg International Film Festival
2011 Moscow International Film Festival - Perspectives / NETPAC Award
2011 Durban International Film Festival
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