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2013 Post-Production Fund

Category Korean Project
Project Thuy
Director KIM jaehan
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim Jae-han was born in Miryang. He studied acting and directing at Busan Arts College. Since graduation, he spent ten years on theatrical stage and then got a job at a local cable TV. In 2001, he opened a film school for youth where he taught acting and production. For several years he has made a few short films and documentaries. He began to make a low-budget, autobiographical film about the people who remain in theater, but it was never finished due to financial constrain. Thuy is his second film, but officially it is his first feature film.
Thuy was born near the Mekong River in Vietnam. She moved to Korea after marrying a Korean man. This village was once a quiet island, but as the mudflats of the island was claimed by development, most of the villagers left the island. Thuy’s father-in-law still resides there and takes care of an ancestral shrine. Because her facial features are different than Korean, she attracts stares by the local residents, but this village is her hometown for her now. One day, Thuy worries about her husband, who hasn’t come home for several days, and finds out that he has died in an accident.
She becomes a suspect, but that doesn’t stop her from going meet the chief of police demanding explanation, but she get nothing more than a mere car accident report. Sang-ho, a policeman who has been recently transferred to this station, becomes curious of Thuy husband’s death. He suspects a foul play and becomes suspicious of the neighborhood watchers, who control the village. His suspicion grows, but he has no authority to investigate. Impressed with Thuy’s devotion to uncover the truth of her husband’s death, Sang-ho dares to take actions and begins to assist her pursue against the neighborhood watchers.
Director's Note
Thuy is a strong woman, who set out to find the truth about her husband’s death. On her journey she is confronted with discrimination, power struggle and violence covered underneath the tradition and custom. The strong bond of exclusiveness is displayed on her portraying the true nature of the Korean society today. Betrayal of Sang-ho who was a sincere partner once and suicide of Thuy tells the drastic choice that forces us to make in a capitalist society. Thuy fiercely lives her life as a foreigner, but what kind of hope can we provide to her?
To Thuy, who threw away her life, we pray for her peace and resurrection. I hope this film would be a requiem for ‘Thuys’ who once lived in Korea and a song of hope for ‘Thuys’ who will live along us.
2013 Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today_Vision
2013 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2013 Dubai International Film Festival
2013 USFilmFestival in Vietnam - Best Actress Award
2014 Hawaii International Film Festival - Spring Showcase
2014 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival - International Showcase
2014 International Eurasia Film Festival
2014 Russia West East International Film Festival
2018 France TOURS International Asian Film Festival - Jury Prize
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