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LIST A Corner of Heaven
Category Asian Project
Project A Corner of Heaven
Director ZHANG Miaoyan
Country China, France
Director's Profile Born in Manchuria, Zhang Miaoyan barely had a chance to see movies during his growing up during the Culture Revolution. In 1994, he received his MFA from University of California, Berkeley.
His debut film, <Xiaolin Xiaoli>(2007), premiered in Busan International Film Festival and then was presented in Geneva(Audience Award), Bardford, Tiburon(Fellini Award), Barcelona and Taipei. His second film, <Black Blood>(2011) premiered in Rotterdam(NETPAC Award) and then was shown in Las Palmas, Jeonju, Cannes ACID, Saint Petersburg(Best film), Montreal FNC, Thessaloniki, Kerala, etc.
<A Corner of Heaven>, his third film, was part of the Asian Project Market of Busan IFF in 2012.
When his mother disappears one autumn, a thirteen-year-old boy leaves his sister with his grandfather and goes on a journey in search of his mother. The boy wanders alone along the dead yellow wasteland that is the valley of the polluted Yellow River. He has nothing, except a letter from his mother, the clothes he is wearing. The film tells a story of an ever-changing contemporary society clashes with the disappearing traditions of China.
Director's Note
A boy is in search of his mother in the estuary of the dirty Yellow River. He finds pollution, oppression, drugs and violence and yet he doesn’t lose his hope.
2014 Vancouver International Film Festival
2014 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam
2015 Goteborg Film Festival
2015 Vilnius International Film Festival
2015 Zerkalo International Film Festival - Best film
2015 Fajr International Film Festival
2015 Jerusalem Film Festival
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