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2015 Post-Production Fund

Category Korean Project
Project ALONE
Director PARK Hong-min
Country Korea
Director's Profile PARK Hong-min studied Broadcasting & Correspondence at Hallym University, completed the Intensive Course in Film Direction at Dong-ah Institute of Media & Arts, and graduated from Dongguk University Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents with an MFA in Directing. He has directed seven short films that include Rock, Paper, Scissors which was selected for Competition at the Russia VGIK International Film Festival and 88, Generations entered as student-in-competition at the Munich International Film Festival.
His feature debut was a 3D film called A Fish in 2011 that was invited to different film festivals including Busan International Film Festival 2011, Rotterdam International Film Festival Tiger Awards Competition 2012, and the Vancouver International Film Festival Dragon and Tigers Award Competition 2012. A Fish received the Citizen Critics′ Award at the Busan International Film Festival 2011 and Special Mention Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2012.
Sumin is taking photos of the neighborhood from the rooftop of his atelier when he sees a woman killed by masked men. The masked men rush into his atelier after they see him taking photos of the murder scene. His camera is taken away and he is hit on the head with a hammer and killed.
Sumin opens his eyes to realize that he is lying naked on a small gazebo in the neighborhood and thinks that he is still dreaming. He escapes from a sobbing woman and a child holding a knife in the alley. He manages to arrive at the atelier, but faces a shocking situation and is put back in chaos. Suddenly a masked man appears and chokes him to death. Sumin wakes up again on the same gazebo. What is happening to him?
Director's Note
I directed this film to present questions and look back at myself through the main character named Sumin. The film describes how Sumin wanders in his memories and faces past memories after being killed by masked intruders. I shot in a long take so that all the memories that Sumin crosses can be seen as one big stream of consciousness. The entire film contains only of 37 cuts.
2015 Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today_Vision / Actor of the Year, Citizen Reviewer′s Award
2015 Seoul Independent Film Festival - Feature length competition / Jury Prize
2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Bright Future
2016 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival - Asian Frontier
2016 Buenos Aires International Film Festival - Panorama
2016 Seatle International Film Festival - Asia Crossroad
2016 Muju Film Festival
2016 New York Asian Film Festival
2016 Italy East Asian Film Festival
2016 Lima International Independent Film Festival
2016 CPH-PIX Film Festival
2016 Vancouver International Film Festival - Dragons & Tigers
2016 Vienna International Film Festival(Viennale)
2016 International Film Festival of India - Memory of Fear
2016 London Korean Film Festival - Indie Fire
2016 Taipei International Film Festival - New Talent Competition
2017 Wildflower Film Awards Korea - Best Cinematography
2017 Golden Film Festival / Best New Actor, Bronze Medal for Cinematography
2017 Florence Korea Film Festival
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