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LIST The Murders of Oiso
Category Asian Project
Project The Murders of Oiso
Director MISAWA Takuya
Country Japan, Hong Kong, China
Director's Profile Born in Kanagawa, Japan (1987). He graduated from the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. He was the assistant producer for Au Revoir L′Ete, directed by Fukada Koji and joined some film production as crew. His debut feature, Chigasaki Story was invited by more than 10 international film festivals including the 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam. This film won the Best Screenplay Award at the 5th Beijing International Film Festival Forward Future Section. In addition, he took part in Asian Film Academy of the Busan International Film Festival in 2015.
At the seaside town, Oiso, there are four guys, Tomoki , Shun ,Kazuya and Eita. They grew up together and work at the same construction company now. One day, Tomoki found Mr. Ito, who is Kazuya’s uncle and their teacher, dead. After Mr. Ito died, they know Mr. Ito remarried Chisato in secrecy. Their world has started to change since that time. A few days later, they throw away garbage illegally. Kazuya hit something by the track on the way. Next morning, Akiko, who is Kazuya’s grandma is missing. I remember that day Shun is walking with Chisato. After this, I remember many things I never imagined.
Director's Note
I regard films as traces of filmmaker’s perspective to the world. While the audience watches the film, they follow this trace and feel the ecriture of the film. Then, they will reconstruct the recognition to the world. So, how do I see the world? I define this world as “immobilization” in a word. People is easy to refuse to change. People tend to be intolerance. I want to progress this recognition by film. It means this film doesn’t just follow the real world. The film is one step ahead of the real world. Or, there already is not real in this world. There are just fictions. As films directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet, there is no binary opposition between real and fiction. The world and the film stand in same line. There are only fictions which increasingly reflects and transforms eternally. When I made the film Murders of Oiso, I kept this idea as above.
2018 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
2019 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
2019 South Taiwan Film Festival
2020 Osaka Asian Film Festival(JAPAN CUTS Awards)
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