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2019 Post-Production Fund

LIST Nirvana Inn
Category Asian Project
Project Nirvana Inn
Director Vijay JAYAPAL
Country India
Director's Profile Self-taught Independent filmmaker from Chennai, Vijay started out by making short films, corporate videos and TV commercials. His short films have played at festivals, both in India and abroad. Vijay made his feature debut in 2016 with Tamil language film Revelations, which had its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival. It also screened at several other festivals in Goteborg, Mumbai, Osaka, New York, Italy, Kerala, Pune and Bangalore. The film was then released worldwide on the streaming platform Netflix to much critical acclaim. Nirvana Inn will be his second feature film as writer/director.
Jogi was once a renowned Bhaona dancer, but now a boat driver carrying tourists across the Brahmaputra river. One day Jogi, now filled with suicidal thoughts, intentionally capsizes the boat, killing all, while he himself miraculously escapes. Tormented with guilt, he flees and takes up a new job as a caretaker of a Himalayan resort run. A family of four arrives as guests and soon their weird behaviour begins to dread Jogi, who also comes across Mohini, a mysterious and seductive young woman. Jogi fears that they have come back from the dead to take revenge on him.
Director's Note
I came across a story few years back that a European aircraft had crashed into the mountains. One of the co-pilots was having suicidal thoughts and had intentionally crashed the flight. I found this incident quite disturbing. How can someone decide not just to take away his own life, but also kill others along the way? What if this person had not died in that incident and had to live for the rest of his life with that guilt? These thoughts led me to write this story about a disillusioned folk dancer, who is forced to abandon his art and lead a soulless life. And his suicidal thoughts drive him to commit an act that changes his life forever. The film’s predominant theme is guilt and how it plays out in the mind of the protagonist. And I strongly felt that horror would be the best genre to explore this theme, but in a more unconventional and subversive way. It will be more of a character study in a slow burn narrative that will blur the line between realism and mystery.
2019 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
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