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2019 Post-Production Fund

LIST Way Back Home
Category Korean Project
Project Way Back Home
Director PARK Sunjoo
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Park Sunjoo graduated from Konkuk University and completed her doctorate course at Hanyang University Graduate School. She directed several short films including 1m, Between You and Me and Graduation Trip in 2012, and won the Grand Prize at the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2017 with Mild Fever. Way Back Home is her first feature film.
Jeong-won (28) and Sang-u (33), a married couple, are about to move into a new home. One day, Jeong-won receives a call from the police that the sex offender from ten years ago was caught. Jeong-won has a secret. She was sexually assaulted by a robber, but the case remained unsolved. As Jeong-won’s secret past is revealed, her peaceful married life shatters. Jeong-won’s family consoles her, but it only adds to her confusion. This film narrates the process of how the relationship of a married couple is shattered and how Jeong-won’s scar is revealed and healed.
Director's Note
The fact that a criminal was caught after ten years means that the victim has to relive the moment after all those years. So, this film focuses on the victim’s life after the incident rather than the criminal or the crime itself. By narrating the victim’s wounded heart and how she faces it, the director tries to show that we all try to live each day by enduring the pain that may come our way at any moment. This film is meaningful just by showing how the main character tries to live on with hope by overcoming her scar that she thought would never heal.
2019 Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today_Vision
2019 Seoul Independent Film Festival - New Choice
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